In 2013 I visited the Himalaya region in India. Where I studied yoga with Deepak Sharma in Dharamsala, India. He operates the Sampoorna Yoga school, where I completed a 200-hour YTTC (Yoga Alliance Certified) course. The course was based on Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Dharamsala is the base for Dalai Lama residence in Spring time. I wish I could have seen him but I missed my opportunity leaving a week earlier.
I have returned with a much deeper appreciation for Yoga. The intensive course showed me that Yoga is not just about the postures and flexibility, it is more than that. I learned to honor our bodies with self love and to think on a higher level of self. The Yoga poses (asanas) make us more balanced, give us a positive attitude and clear the monkey mind from all the daily stress and anxiety from the past, present and future. Using Ujjaji breath during the asanas opens up the Prana (energy) flow in our body, releasing tension, pain and discomfort we might notice during our practice. With Yoga we unite our body with the Universe, being one with the Universe. Yoga means “to unite”. Practicing daily or on a weekly basis you will begin to feel a major change in your life through any type of yoga you may choose to practice. Starting your morning with an energizing Pranayama “breath regulation” technique will rebalance the physical body and mind to a normal function.

I am available to teach a personalized private or group lesson. I can build your class based on your request (e.g. focus on stretching the hamstrings, quadriceps, hip openers, shoulders, balance , flexibility , strength and relaxation). Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced class.

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