Gyongyi is clairvoyant, patient, and genuine. She truly wants to help and discover deep rooted issues. Once the session is over she goes over the session with you and helps reveal which areas you are holding emotion and blocking energies. I personally needed several sessions, but I definitely noticed a dramatic change and shift. I felt more open, more at ease, and ready to take on new challenges. It was also a reminder to take care of myself and have awareness to try to maintain this new found level of peace. I highly recommend it!!

Kate L.

Gyongyi, herself and her sacred healing space at her home are wonderful! The primary reason I went to visit with Gyongyi was to see if she could help a swollen wrist of mine. I signed up for 4 sessions with Gyongyi after my first successful session. Not only did I feel relief in my wrist and forearm after my sessions, I also have felt more balanced and grounded, less emotional, and more decisive; all of which have helped me within my business and personal life. Thanks, Gyongyi, I look forward to many more sessions with you!:)

Anna M.

Gyöngyi has the power of healing and peace in her heart. This is very evident in her practice. After several sound bowl sessions, each time I have come away feeling a calm and a release of emotions that were not serving me.  I would highly recommend her services and her knowledge of healing.

Art N.

Gyongyi is truly a gift to our healing. Her presence with sound healing bowls and emotional code healing is both comfortable and masterful. I feel very relaxed in her presence and am grateful to have moved some old stuck energy in our emotional code healing session. Thank you!

Emily W.

I took Gyongyi’s Tibetan bowl and gong class at the Vintage Golf course this past April with a friend and was so inspired by the experience that I scheduled a session the next day with 11 of my friends who were all on vacation with me.
We all loved the experience and felt very grounded, relaxed and focused after the class. Gyongyi was very professional and stayed after class and explained how the vibrations help move energy throughout the body. She was very knowledgable about her practice.
As a RN of more than 30 years I was inspired and could see this practice used in clinics and hospitals to help relieve stress and heal the body.
I would definitely recommend this class to others. I wish this class was offered near by my home as I would be a regular.
Stillwater Mn

I have known Gyöngyi for about 7 years. She has always been professional, kind hearted and an excellent healer. She is very passionate about her healing arts and has always used them for the betterment of our entire community. I would highly recommend her! I’ve had both her sound healing and emotion code therapies and both have shifted my health and life in a positive way.

Amber D.

This is the best thing I have experienced. I have done many things in life with my body and worked hard for everything, but I learned from Gyöngyi how to relax and be peaceful. Being an athlete is full time but learning how to relax with the bowls is something I would love to do more often. She just has to move to Canada! Follow this lovely lady. And try it out. I realize meditation is very healthy. And I will do it more!

Karen Percy Lowe

Olympic Double Medalist

Experiencing the Tibetan Healing bowls is a truly magical experience. It is transformative in that toxic build up on the body is released, be it physical or emotional. Sound healing is intense as it travels deep into every cell of your body and I get a wonderful tingling sensation. It feels like everything within me opens up. I feel free and relaxed, even more so than after a typical massage. Gyöngyi is a true professional in every sense of the word and,her beautiful spirit permeates your soul. I highly recommend GyöHarmony not only during times of stress but as a regular self care program for one to achieve optimal health.

The most amazing experience I have every had.  Gyöngyi has the most amazing soul, spirit and talent.  I have had the pleasure of private and group sessions, each one has been a very overwhelming experience.  If you have not yet visited Gyöngyi I really don’t know what you are waiting for.  There are no words to describe the entire experience.  It is relaxing, beautiful, touching and I always walk away felling lighter happier healthier and all around better. Gyöngyi has a very special talent and those of us who have crossed her path are the luckiest people ever.  She will touch your soul and leave a lasting impact with you.  When I first started visiting with her I was going through a very rough time in my life, she helped me though a lot and I thank her for that.  The sensation for the vibrations of the bowls when they are placed are your body is like no feeling you can get from anything else. I am so thankful for getting time with her ever winter when she is in my area!!!  Visit her you will not be disappointed.  I have taken both of my parents to her as well, that night my dad had the best night sleep he has ever had in years.  My mom had bad knees and after the visit she had so much relief on her knees.

Jennifer Knapp

Gyöngyi has a pleasant and glowing spirit.  She joins us at Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, California during the months of November through May.  Every student at Evolve has taken to her classes with open arms.  We are so blessed to have Gyöngyi and her talents at the studio.  Thank you for sharing your gift.  We look forward to beautiful upcoming season.  Visit: www.e-volveyoga.com to see Gyöngyi’s schedule.

Bronwyn Ison

Woohoo, talking about great healing experience. Gyöngyi takes her care and time from the moment you enter her session , she will asses your personal needs and you will be leaving with a great sense of release. Her soundbowl session is beautiful, she is very talented playing/ placing the bowls all over your body, she will use big gongs for more profound relaxation, aromatheraphy & gem stones. You can book her to read you from a destiny & love books as well ( if you would like to know why having difficulty’s or carying bad karma this period of time). Lots of people going to her to heal different parts of their body, mind & soul but personally I go for a tune up every month so I can relax to the point that nothing else will matter , helps my sleep 100% . She is very geniune and compassionate. Her session is very exciting just tell her why you are there for and she will take care of you. You can book her also for yoga and meditation as well. I am highly recommending her to all of you! Namaste.

Bibi Xantus

Gyöngyi’s singing bowl healing is an amazing experience.  You can feel the vibration on the chakras adjust the energy as well as even adjust the physical to it’s optimal working condition.  Even when the bowls are off the body, you will feel the energy radiating off your body bring your to a centered and peaceful place.  I would be a very happy man if I could have this treatment once a week for a year.

Brian Carey

Hi Gyongyi,
How can I express my gratitude for the fabulous singing bowl/reiki session I received from you this week? There is no adequate language to describe the deep profound state of relaxation I experienced. I felt an amazing clear energetic radiance flowing through my whole body. Actually, it was more like through my whole being. I feel rested, refreshed, re-energized…rebooted. I especially fell in love with the heart and sacral bowls. I feel like I have known those sounds at a primal level forever. Thank you for taking me on an unforgettable journey! Namaste.

Richard Leversee

This was one of the most profound healings I have ever had, ever!

Shaelah Morris

Owner, Studio Tahoe

The Tibetan Singing Bowl healing session with Gyongyi was so peaceful and relaxing. I could feel my energies moving around which made me feel lighter after the session. The bowls were placed so they resonated deeply within me. I would recommend Gyongyi to anyone who wishes to have a wonderful session that creates more free flowing energy. I also slept so well that night with magical dreams.

Sharon M. Rose