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Certified Spiritual Consultant

Available Services to add to your BOOKINGS:

  1. Single Birth Card Consultation: Discover insights into your character and life purpose through the Birth Card for only $20
  2. Planetary Ruling Card Consultation: Gain a deeper understanding of your personality and who you are as an individual with the Planetary Ruling card. This insightful consultation is also available for just $20
  3. Get both: Birth Card & Planetary Ruling card Consultation: For only $30

Unlock the secrets of your soul and explore the cosmic influences that shape your life. Book your consultation today to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This report can be sent to your email address. 

Relationship Report

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your relationship’s spiritual significance? Our Relationship Report is designed for those in relationships who wish to explore the profound spiritual aspects of their connection.

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Connection:

  • Karma Insights: Gain insights into the karmic aspects of your relationship. Discover the actions to take and emotions to work through that brought this person into your life. Understand the spiritual purpose behind your union.

  • Harnessing Positive Energy: Learn how to channel the energy of your connection in a positive way. Explore ways to make this energy work for you rather than against you, fostering growth, harmony, and fulfillment.

  • The Deeper Why: Uncover the profound reasons behind your connection. Explore the spiritual underpinnings that bring clarity and understanding to your life’s journey. 

Special Offer: Enhance Your Connection

Take your journey of understanding to the next level by adding a couples Sound Healing session with Gongs and Singing Bowls for only ($200). As a bonus, when you book the Sound Healing session, you’ll receive the Relationship Report for FREE, saving you $40!

Pricing Options:

    • One Love Cards Report: $40
    • Two Love Cards Relationship Reports: $60
    • Three Love Cards Relationship Reports: $80
    • Five Love Cards Relationship Reports: $120

Discover the profound spiritual dimensions of your relationship and embark on a path of deeper connection, growth, and enlightenment.

To order your Relationship Report or schedule a Sound Healing session, click “ORDER HERE.” Your journey towards greater clarity and understanding begins now.

Individual Spiritual Consultation & Destiny card with reports

Are you curious about the profound aspects of your life journey? Our Destiny Cards Report is tailored for individuals seeking insights into their life lessons, challenges, blessings, and purpose. Discover the connections that shape your path and gain clarity on what life is asking you to focus on.

Explore Your Life’s Blueprint:

  • Life Lessons: Gain insights into the valuable lessons that life is presenting to you.

  • Challenges: Understand the challenges you may encounter and how to overcome them.

  • Blessings: Discover the blessings that you possess and how they can positively impact your journey.

  • Purpose: Uncover your life’s purpose and the unique contributions you can make to the world.
  • Connections: Explore the connections that nurture your growth and fulfillment.

  • Success: Learn how to achieve success in various aspects of life.

  • Open-Hearted Love: Find guidance on opening your heart to love.

Pricing Options:

  • One Yearly Report: $40
  • Two Yearly Reports: $60
  • Three Yearly Reports: $80
  • Five Yearly Reports: $120

Begin your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment today. To order your Destiny Cards Report, click “ORDER HERE” and embark on a path of understanding and purpose.

US Postal Shipping Cost: $10

NOTE: When ordering this report, please ensure you provide your email address or mailing address for delivery.

Gyöngyi is a certified practitioner through “Your Spiritual Journey” (certified in 2012). She possesses a genuine and caring interest in helping individuals uncover their true life purpose. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, she guides others on their spiritual life path, delving deep into the subconscious realm.

When we gain a spiritual understanding of life and discover our true purpose, we have the potential to heal deep-seated wounds, address childhood traumas, and release old emotional baggage that often keeps individuals trapped in repetitive patterns.

This report serves as a valuable tool for self-discovery in individual reports or enhancing understanding within partnerships. It facilitates spiritual and mental growth, allowing for a more profound connection, increased appreciation, and love within your relationships.

To schedule an appointment, call 530.562.5400 or email for shipping details. Gyöngyi is available to provide readings in both Hungarian and English, ensuring accessibility for a wider audience.