Spiritual Consultation

Certified Spiritual Consultant  

Available for:

A Single Birth Card and Planetary ruling card Consultation. For only $20!

The Birth Card reveals about your character and purpose. The Planetary Ruling card reveals more about your personality and who you are as a person.


Relationship Report  

This report is for those who are in a relationship and would like to know a deeper meaning of their connection on a Spiritual understanding, Karma: actions to take, emotions to work through while they invited or manifested this person in their Life’s , How can they make this energy or connection work for them instead of agains them. The Why behind our connections will bring more clarity and understandings in our life’s.   + Add a couples Sound healing with Gongs and Singing Bowls for ($

200) & get the report for FREE (save $40) 

One Love Cards Report $40

Two Love Cards Relationship Reports $60

Three Love Cards Relationship Reports $80

Five Love Cards Relationship Reports $120



Destiny Cards Report    

This report is for individuals who are curious about their: Life lessons, Challenges, Blessings that they possess, Purpose in Life, Connections that they thrive on or need in their Life’s, How can they achieve success, Love with open heart, or what is Life asking them to focus on in this Lifetime.

One Yearly Report $40

Two Yearly Reports $60

Three Yearly Reports $80

Five Yearly Reports $120


US POSTAL Shipping cost is $10 

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Gyöngyi is certified through “Your Spiritual Journey”(year of 2012). She has a caring and genuine interest in helping people find their true purpose in life. She has the experience and knowledge to help others understand and guide them through their spiritual life path by diving in deeper into their subconscious level. When we experience a Spiritual Understanding on how life works and finding your true purpose in life than we can heal deep rooted wounds, childhood traumas, releasing old emotional baggages that keeps many people stuck in their old patterns. This Report will help you learn more about yourself (for individual reports) or learn more about the partnership that you are involved in to help both of you understand your connection better. Growing together spiritually, mentally and enjoying each others energy in a more meaningful way, finding more appreciation, Love for another in this Lifetime.

Call 530.562.5400 to schedule an appointment or email her at gyoharmony@gmail.com to have your report shipped to your address. 

She is available to do readings in both Hungarian and English.