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IASH is offering worldwide Sound Healing trainings with high quality Singing bowls and products. GyoHarmony is being a member of IASH trained sound healer and trainer. She if offering Basic Level sound healing and chakra certifications in Truckee, California.

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High Quality & Professional Sound Healers

Becoming a Sound Healer is the right carrer for you? Our trained sound healing professionals are adding our sound healing trainings to their existing carrier, while they are pursuing what they love to do. If you have though about becoming a Sound Healer and buid a business of your own or with the help of already estabilished profeesionals, then you have come to the right place. We as a IASH trained Sound Healing community worldwide, we are able to offer you weekly support, growth to learn from masters and help along your way with your choosen carrier path as a Holisitc healer.

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Sound Healing Trainings

GyoHarmony~ Sound and Healing Arts is offering regular hands on Sound Healing trainings with a full on presentation. She is offering Sound Healing trainings with metal singing bowls and some basic understanding and practice with Crystal singing bowls. Gyongyi Ridenour is located in Truckee, CA and she offers her training in Truckee at her beautiful Sound healing studio as well in Lincoln, CA at the Divinity Yoga and Sound Healing studio.

Singing Bowl Products

These products are high quality therapeutic singing bowls imported from India. These ancient  healing tools have been tested and made by professional Singing bowl makers. These products have been tested multiple times for their sound quality and harmonious vibrations before they arrived to our trained Sound healers. Applying their practice and knowledge with the protocols that were taught in our certification program.

GyoHarmony Certified Students

Meet our amazing certified Sound Healers from all over the world. They are ready to serve you with their unique talent and amazing guidances to change your life, help you heal your mental, emotional and Physical body. If you are visiting their area make sure to contact them for a session.


What Students Are Saying

Gyöngyi leads with an open heart and passion for guiding others into their own healing. Whether it is through sound therapy, yoga or other modalities of healing, she holds a beautiful space to meet your individual needs.  If you’re seeking a transformation in your life, Gyöngyi will provide great guidance on your healing path!

Tiffany Callaway


It was a special weekend. I’m so happy to learn more about the bowls! Thank you for your patience and for sharing your knowledge. You are a good teacher and planned the whole workshop very well. A sound healing session with Gyongyi can be transformative, healing, and restful. After your session, you will feel rejuvenated and better able to cope with the ups and downs of life.

Jill Mitchel

School Teacher

This has been a wonderful and useful workshop. I received a lot of benefits and understanding with the offering of theory and practical application. I have much respect and appreaciation for Gyongyin as a healer and a teacher. I sincerely hope there will be more opportunities to broade and expand my undestanding at future workshops. Thank you for making this happen!

Liberty Eliott

Bookkeeper, Vedic Astrologer

I can feel Gyongyi”s passion for teaching Sound bowls. Her energy and compassion for her students shines. I enjoyed the meditation sound bath and learning how we can use sound as medicine. I can’t wait to practice and to learn more.

Shauna Althof

PE teacher, Yoga Instructor

Gyongyi was amazing in her teaching skills showing demonstrations of all the healing modalities using the bowls. She was very thorough in her instructions. I enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot about the metal bowls. 

Deborah Lapkin

Yoga Teacher & Sound healer

Exellent Workshop and trainer! Very powerful workshop presented by a very giving and loving leader! Very knowledgeable trainer! Thank You. Thank you. Thank you 

Michele Klamer


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Our Mission Statement

Our collective mission is to help and guide many individuals with this ancient modality to improve their health and well being in their Life. We want to bring awareness and knowledge in every homes to have them practice mindfulness for their mental, emotional and phyisical health.

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You can add this education and knowledge to better yourself in your personal or professional life. The change start from within and you are the change that Life is seeking from your being.