Meet Our Sound Healers

Meet our amazing certified Sound Healers from all over the world. They are ready to serve you with their unique talent and amazing guidances to change your life. If you are visiting their area make sure to contact them for a session.

Liberty Eliott

Liberty Eliott

Sound Healers, Vedic Astrologer

Liberty Elliot was born and raised in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  Growing up in such a beautiful place, and in a family that practiced the art of finding health in nature and utilizing home remedies, she cultivated a deep appreciation for the beauty and healing power of Mother Nature.  In 2013, she discovered a Healing Modality that would change the course of her life, Sound and Vibrational Healing.
Liberty was struck by the immediate beneficial effect she felt when receiving a brief Sound Treatment from her Sound Mentor and new friend, Gyongyi Ridenour. Struck by the amazing effect it had on a blockage in her lower back, which felt immediate relief, and also a vast improvement in her mental and emotional state, Liberty felt a deep peace and happiness.  This feeling caused her to pursue deeper learning and understanding of the Sound Healing theory and practice with her new Mentor Gyongyi.  Liberty went on to receive a Level I training and Certificate to perform Sound Meditation and Therapy.  She is a great advocate for the healing Power 0of Sound and is available to perform Group Sound Meditations or Personal , On-Site Sound Healing Sessions.  Please contact her at 760-914-0549 or to Book a Session or find out more about Sound Healing.


Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller

Producer, Musician, Sound Healer

Joshua is a world recording artist, composer and producer on a mission to inspire positive human development. Recently, he has advocated for the importance of ocean conservation through Sounds of the Ocean, which blends the arts and sciences to connect with marine life through sound. He is also the creator of Embodied Sounds, a mindful music label and recording studio focusing on using sound as a healing, therapeutic modality.

Artistically, Joshua specializes in producing meditative beats and adding melodic layers with clarinet and voice to transport listeners to their highest state of consciousness. He has performed in the United States, Bali, Australia, Thailand, India and Portugal. Joshua composes work for yoga studios, film and television scores and collaborates with devotional organizations around the world.

Shauna Althof

Shauna Althof

PE Teacher, Yoga & Sound healer

Shauna is an adventure seeker and lover of nature!

 I embrace the journey of life and try my best to live in the present moment.  I never take for granted the beauty that surrounds me in Lake Tahoe.

I have been teaching Physical Education in Truckee, California for the past 16 years. I am passionate about learning and teaching others about how to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. I have continued my education in Yoga Calm, which focused on  how to teach kids mindfulness and yoga. I  am a certified yoga instructor and have my level one certification in sound healing. 

I am fortunate to live in the mountains with my family. My husband Kurt and I have two boys ages 9 and 11. We spend time skiing, biking, hiking, and exploring together. My passion for fitness and wellness has led me down a path to yoga. I believe we are all connected and the highest we can truly be is when our body, mind, and soul is happy.



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