Sound Healing for Children

Babies/kids and the Sound.

Do you have a very hyperactive kid or he/she can’t focus on studying or to relax?

The Tibetan Singing Bowl sessions will calm her/him down from the daily lifestyle and bring her/him to an inner peace with themselves, will improve communication, concentration skills and boost self confidence. Sleep better.


In our Tibetan singing bowls session first we will play some games with the singing bowls, like listening, feeling and seeing. After we get use to the bowls,we would learn how to strike them and where to place them on the body and heal each other.

Private sessions for the kids works the same way as for adults. Fully clothed laying down on the floor or on the massage table, surrounded and placed on the body with tibetan singing bowls.


During this class session we have some rules:

  • no screaming or being loud during the class
  • no shoes (please bring thick socks)
  • during play time we wait for everyone to finish the game
  • sharing is caring (everyone will have the opportunity to play the bowls)

Please Contact me if you would love to arrange a Healing class for your Kids at your place or at my place.