Group Sound Healing Classes

Group Sound Healing offerings at “GyoHarmony” studio or in a Private setting at your comfort of your home. Sound Healing is gaining a lot of popularity in our modern World. It seems like in our fast pace life we tend to get stressed and overwhelmed easily. To calm our Mind, Body and Spirit or our nervous system we need a medium, something relaxing to tap into. Sound Healing has proven to be a great healing tool to guide us in a deep state of relaxation, where our healing mechanism gets activate to heal our Subconscious mind and our inner spiritual beings. Music has been around our ancient times and we very well resonate on deep level of consciousness with Sound. A Group Sound Healing is facilitated as a harmonious Healing Sounds produced by Crystal singing bowls, Metal singing bowls, Gongs, chimes, ocean drum, rain stick and many other shamanic healing instruments. These magical tones or frequencies take you on an inner journey to meet your soul and calm your nervous system, relax your entire body, lower your blood pressure, rejuvenating every cell of your body to bring more balance and focus back to your existence. 

I have been facilitating Sound Healing journeys now over 15 years. Adding new elements and healing tools to my offerings. Personally I love to play the metal singing bowls, because helps me ground myself, processing my emotional and mental state with ease. The crystal singing bowls can help elevate you to a different spiritual realm and experience. The sound of the Gong can take you to the cosmos and beyond. While laying down fully relaxed and listening to these soothing healing sounds of these harmonious ancient healing tools, we can gain a lot of benefits from it: Experiencing restful sleep, reducing of inflammation and pain, stress reduction, balancing your energy, improving concentration and overall well being.