Discover Emotion Code, an empowering energy healing technique designed to identify and release trapped emotions, those lingering emotional energies from past negative experiences. Trapped emotions can lead to depression, anxiety, hinder love and happiness, and create a sense of disconnection.
These trapped emotions, composed of energy, can impact your physical well-being, causing pain and even illness. Releasing trapped emotions paves the way for your body to heal.
Trapped emotions are like ‘suitcases’ filled with emotional energy from past events. They vibrate at different frequencies, such as Anger, Sadness, or Insecurity, and can disrupt your body, leading to pain and emotional distress. Emotion Code frees you from this burden, offering relief and a lighter load.
Consider the ‘Heart Wall.’ During emotional distress, your heart can be hurt, leading to phrases like ‘heartache’ or ‘heartbreak.’ To protect itself, your heart may build a ‘wall’ using the most common excess energy in your body—trapped emotions. This Heart Wall doesn’t dissolve naturally, potentially causing sadness, disconnection, or even heart issues. Emotion Code can remove it, emotion by emotion, allowing you to live from your heart, find abundance, and true love.
To release trapped emotions, we use magnetic energy to amplify your thoughts and intentions. Just as a magnifying glass ignites fire, magnets amplify your intention’s energy, producing change in your body. Your thoughts and intentions are energy, just like magnets and your body. This approach effectively releases trapped emotions.
You can even experience Emotion Code from a distance using Proxy Testing, much like how cellular phones work. We connect energetically with the person needing help, identify issues, and correct them, no matter the distance.
Break free from the weight of past emotions and experience better health and well-being with Emotion Code. It’s your opportunity to regain control, live freely, and enjoy a life free from the subtle forces of Trapped Emotions.