Sound Healing Certification By Gyöngyi

IASH (International Academy of Sound) is offering regular science based Sound Healing trainings worldwide. Gyongyi Ridenour is located in Truckee, CA. She is offering these life changing and educational trainings in person in her Yoga & Sound healing studio.

About the certification program

Professional trainings

Sound Healing with IASH Singing Bowls is a scientific and proven methodology. It has been accepted worldwide with tremendous approval in Europe, USA, Canada and Orient countries. IASH Healing Grade Singing Bowls enables the patient to go into their deep altered state (the alpha-theta brainwave state) where our healing mechanism is stimulated. Sound Medicine is based on over 5000 years of Indian medicine. According to ancient eastern teachings and as per modern physics, the universe mankind were created from Sound (Big Bang Theory of Physics). When a sick person is nourished and treated with the right kind of sound and energy, the billions & billions of cells in his body starts to vibrate and reorganize themselves accordingly, bringing balance and peace of mind in presence.


From this workshop you will gain:

Fully practical workshop with a lot's of hands-on training

Immense healing benefits at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level

Learning the differences using various mallets and different size of singing bowls for intensity and tones to create the perfect harmonious healing sounds

This workshop is presented and taught in such a simple & scientific manner that everybody can understand it easily

Leaving with a deeper understanding of Art and Science of Sound healing

The therapeutic approaches for playing and utilizing the use of the metal singing bowls

You will gain knowledge to lead a group meditation class or a private ceremony

Q&A session after each practice to help you gain clarity and full confidence on performing a session

Our Workshop Information

How to Prepare for your Upcoming Workshop?

Workshop Dates

*November 19-20th, 2022

Saturday and Sunday

*December 9, 10, 11

Friday- Sunday



Workshop Location

This workshop will be help at

GyoHarmony Studio:

12315 Deerfield dr unit 6

Truckee, CA 96161

Located Right behind Chevron and next to Taco Bells.

* Divinity Studio Workshop Location:

436 Lincoln Blvd #206

Lincoln, CA 95648



Lodging Near By

*Truckee Donner Lodge More info

*The cedar House Sports Hotel More Info

*Donner Lake Village More Info

*The INN in Truckee More Info

* More Options through our Truckee Chamber 

Workshop Information

This Certification is a 2 full Day Event: depend on Instructor availability.

This workshop is usally help on Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

Starting from 9am-12pm morning session with an hour lunch brake.

Our afternoon session is from 1pm-5pm.

The first day of our Workshop is a full 3hours of a Powerpoint presentation about the science and history about the metal singing bowls. The rest of the Workshop time is Practice, Practice and More Practice (learning how to perform treatments for body part and ailments)

In this workshop you give and receive sound healing simultaneously.

Prepare yourself mentally, energetically that you will be receiving treatments and you might get emotional and release some unwanted emotions.


How to Prepare for this workshop?

Truckee is located in the mountains. Please make sure to check the weater before leaving your home and pack warm clotings with you for this Trip. Unusual weater always happens in Tahoe even in late Spring. For the workshop please bring a Yoga Mat, favorite shall or meditation blanket, Blanket of your choice, eye pillow, pen and notebook to take notes during your workshop, taking video for personal use only is allowed. If traveling from far and taking flights to this destination, i do have extra yoga mat, blankets available. Highly recommended to remove any metal jewelry, dress comfortably. I highly recommended to wear white clothing for their peaceful color energy. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your dressing options during this 2 days workshop to give and receive treatment.

Places to Eat near by



During your Workshop your will have an hour lunch brake, ussually 12-1Pm.

You can bring your own lunch or here are my favorite options to consider choosing from.

Make sure to order your food ahead of time, so it’s ready for pick up.

All these places have a vegetarian option.

*Coffee Bar More Info

*New Moon More Info

* Wild cherries More Info

*Siam Cousine More Info

*Flame of India More Info