Gyöngyi Ridenour

  • Sound Healer and Certification Teacher
  • Reiki Master and Certification Teacher
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Spiritual Consultant
  • AromaTouch Certified
  • dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and Business Leader
  • EMOTION CODE Certified
Born in Transylvania, Romania. A Spirit with a Hungarian ethnicity and an unique Hungarian name Gyöngyi, that is very hard to pronounce 🙂 . Throughout her childhood, she grew up as a competitive athlete in X-country skiing and Biathlon and competed on the National Biathlon level for 13 years. Winning National Champion titles for many consecutive years. After graduating from high school, her life path changed. Her interest reached out to learn to Ski & Snowboard, and she completed the certifications to become a ski/snowboard instructor. Teaching in Romania, Austria, and California for many winter seasons.
While living in Austria, she got introduced to the sacred sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls. She felt an instance change in her life after a few sessions, her confidence surged, and she was feeling much more happier, grounded and balanced. Her teacher Ulriche Kanzi spent a few years healing her body, mind and spirit using the Peter Hess® method Sound healing techniuqe. She got very inspired to serve others via this healing method, then she got certified in sound healing and started helping others with various issues. She was continuing her education attending and organizing level 1,2 Sound Healing Workshops in Lake Tahoe & LA Quinta. Sound: The ultimate medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit taught by Master Satya Brat (worlds leading sound healer and teacher).
She came to the United States in 2008. While living here, she also discovered Yoga. She was always interested in learning more about the Yoga principles and Eastern methods of healing and meditation. She has since collaborated with Yoga instructors, and she has accompanied them during group classes, Workshops – especially during the final meditation phase, Svanasana. In 2013 she had the opportunity to traveled to India where she earned her 200hours YTTC in Astanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Certification .
While living in Lake Tahoe~ California, she discovered Reiki and she studied with Marianne Schneider in 2009 from whom she received Reiki level I and II Attunements. In 2012, She earned her Reiki Master Certification with Verlyn Cutler McGilvray from Incline Village. In 2017-2018 She completed the master and teacher Level with Marianne Schneider.
She has had the privilege of working with many people utilizing these healing modalities. She assisted her clients with a wide range of spiritual, physical, and mental concerns, including childhood trauma, sleeping problems, and chronic issues. She has also assisted people in letting go of old habits to make space for new, more life-affirming ones. During the healing sessions She incorporates Reiki Universal energy, Crystals or Aromatherapy to achieve optimal results and a deep relaxation. In 2015 she got introduced to CTPG DoTERRA essential oils, and she instantly fell in love with the product and their healing benefits. She is teaching Intro classes locally about the oils, and she offers AromaTouch techniques massages in Truckee~ California. In 2017-2018 during her big transformational years she has discovered about the Emotion Code technique and received her certification by completing all the requirements.
She also conducts full meditation classes, in which she plays the bowls and gongs throughout her channeling, feeling into the sound & vibration. The participants experience a full Body, Mind and Spirit relaxation. These meditation classes have been wonderful for those who seek higher spiritual knowledge and more awareness in their lives. Her meditation classes are a journey to connect into their higher selfs, feeling the vibration and hear the sound while receiving an incredible healing treatment for the Mind+Body+ Spirit connection.
 During her time in Palm desert and La quinta she made her way into some very well known country clubs: the Vintage and The Reserve club in Indian Wells and she has conducted weekly Yoga & Sound bath classes in the Coachella Valley. Also, She offers her sound bath and Yoga classes in various yoga Studios like Evolve Yoga studio in La Quinta. Couple times a year She visits her favorite places and clients to offer her gift and nurture her relationship around the world. These places include: Santa Cruiz, La Quinta and other places she likes to visit friends and share her gift. 
In 2018 she has started educating other Sound Healer enthusiast that are interested enhancing their knowledge and learn about the technique & science of the singing bowls. She is collaborating with IASH ( school from India and she offers her Level 1 Basic level Sound Healing Certification to Yoga teachers, School teachers, Nurses, Parents, massage therapist and many other Social workers that they can incorporate this type of healing modality to their existing work.  Beside teaching workshops and Certifications she is also taking her Gift out to the WORLD for offering Retreats in MOAB (UTAH). She offers her gift for special occasions as well such as Baby showers, Weddings, Birthdays and other Conferences.
In 2020 Gyongyi opened up a Sound Healing Yoga studio in Truckee and Holistic Center. The Yoga Studio is called: GyoHarmony ~ Sound and Healing Arts. They are offering various yoga sound healing classes with some amazing Yoga and sound healing teachers. Now she is offering regular Level 1 Sound Healing trainings in her studio. 
Gyongyi’s other passion is teaching cross country skiing in the winter season. She is a certified Level 2 PSIA Cross Country Instructor at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center. You can schedule your private Classic or Skate lesson with Gyongyi to enhance your knowledge and skill to progress forward. Click here for a Private request with Gyongyi.