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A personalized & holistic approach to helping you reach your goals through improving your emotional and spiritual well-being.


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“Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.”

Stop Letting Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Here are some of the ways we can help you remove barriers and create the life you desire:

Emotion Code

Release trapped emotions from past events that been held prisoner in your subconscious mind allowing you to create freedom in your existence.

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Sound Healing

Use vibrational frequency to release any stagnant energies that holding you back to reach your highest potential and bring homeostasis back to your LIFE.

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Spiritual Consultation

Gain a spiritual understanding about your purpose, relationships with others or learning about your karma that is presented to you in this lifetime.

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Honor your body with self-care. Allow yourself to listen through your senses with breath and movement to reach a higher level of self acceptance and self-love.

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Allow the universal healing energy to change your frequency & transmute it to healthy pattern of Love, Joy and Happiness.

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Life Is Too Short To Feel Limited

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

In a career that is unfulfilling?

Yearning to have more, do more and be more?

Want to break bad habits or patterns?

Searching for your purpose?

Ready to commit to lifelong change?

We Can Help

When you master your life, anything is possible.

Ready To Get Started?

Take Control of Your Story:

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your situation and your desired changes.

If you have specific goals, we want to hear them.

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2. Receive a Healing Plan

We’ll listen to where you are now and where you would like to be.

Then we’ll help you decide which healing techniques are best for you.

3. Experience Freedom

Underneath all your old beliefs, there’s a creative force ready to build the life you want.

Are you ready to meet the real you?

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You Know This Is Right For You If…

* You tried other courses, books, and programs that haven’t worked.

                           * You know you have limited beliefs and baggage to deal with, but don’t know how.

 * You’re ready to try something different and make a lifelong change

*You feel there is something more to your life.

Confront your Past,

Acknowledge your Fears,

Upgrade your Limiting Beliefs,

Realize your Power!


Stay Stuck

It’s your choice!

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Gyongyi is clairvoyant, patient, and genuine. She truly wants to help and discover deep rooted issues. Once the session is over she goes over the session with you and helps reveal which areas you are holding emotion and blocking energies. I personally needed several sessions, but I definitely noticed a dramatic change and shift. I felt more open, more at ease, and ready to take on new challenges. It was also a reminder to take care of myself and have awareness to try to maintain this new found level of peace. I highly recommend it!!
Kate Leist

I’ve experienced a few group sound healing meditation sessions & a private sound healing session with Gyöngyi, and each time I’ve come out of the session more relaxed, energized, & enlightened. In addition, I’ve also had the honor of attending the introductory sound healing class organized by Gyöngyi, so I’ve experienced first hand her teaching skills which filter through all her sessions. Gyöngyi has a beautiful way of making one feel at ease and at home in whatever environment. Her intuitive gifts help hone in on the needs of each individual in order to direct the necessary sound vibration to achieve the best results.
In addition to sound healing, Gyöngyi is knowledgeable about essential oils, yoga, and detoxing. Therefore, Gyöngyi brings a well-balanced set of skills to all her work in order to help people achieve the best healing results. My gratitude goes out to Gyöngyi for all the ways the that she has helped me!! Blessings

Mixel V.

Gentle yoga and sound bath is an absolute must! Tuesdays at 9am. They are small classes and perfect for deep stretching and relaxation. The first 1/2 of the class is all about gentle yoga and moving energy in your body, followed by 20-30 minutes of sound bath. The experience also includes essential oil use and weighted eye masks to make the sound bath a truly one of a kind experience. You leave completely revived and ready for your day! One of my absolute favorites!

Lauren S.

Gain Clarity

By mastering your mind and body, you will find your highest purpose with a clear vision for your LIFE.

Get More Out of Life

With a clear life vision, you can get more of everything positive that life has to offer.

Realize Your Full Potential

Release the emotional blockages that are holding you back and live the life of your dreams.

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